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Our History

The Christ Temple of Deliverance Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) began in the hearts of its members twelve years ago under the Founder and Bishop Destry C. Bell, Sr. and wife, Co. Founder, Lady Reatha Bell. It is a great church, it is a church of friendly people who love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and it is a holiness Pentecostal church. 

We have grown from a very humble and challenging beginning. Our church was birth from the historic, Williams Temple/Woodard Cathedral Church Of God In Christ, located in the third-ward area in Houston, Texas. Many members worshipped at Williams Temple/Woodard Cathedral under the leadership of Bishop Bell and were considered pillars of the church. After four years of pastoring, with ongoing disagreements and mounting in-differences with executive members within the church, it finally resulted in a lock- out of Bishop Bell. 

After this hurtful and embarrassing act, it was necessary to organize those that followed Bishop Bell for the purpose of establishing a new church to fulfill the vision that God had given to him for all Christians and believers. 


An organizational meeting was called by Bishop Bell, many members joined him at Houston Community College, 3100 Main, Houston, Texas on May 5, 2007. Bishop Bell and those that followed prayerfully obeyed the leading of the Lord, the vision was made plain, a new work was birthed for God and a new name was revealed, Christ Temple of Deliverance COGIC and its first service was held on Sunday, May 7, 2007. God’s hand was the driving force towards this “greater work”. 

The church continued to grow holding worship services  at  The  University Of Houston Hilton Hotel for eleven months. The faithful commitment of the parishioners as they embraced the vision resulted not only in increased attendance and membership, within twelve short months, Christ Temple of Deliverance COGIC acquired its first church facility located at 3710 McHard Rd., Missouri City, Texas. This was truly an incredible start. The church was blessed financially and has continued to be blessed as new members and families have come to join in worship at our present location. 

Christ Temple of Deliverance COGIC is committed to changing lives through the ethical presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The heartbeat of the ministry is “Changing Lives”, which involves evangelism to the whole person. We believe that when the whole of one person is moved into a relationship with Jesus Christ, the people connected to that person as well as their whole family can be impacted; this impact results in lives that are being changed and the whole community being affected.


Since the organizational meeting in May 2007, Christ Temple of Deliverance COGIC has achieved amazing growth. There are active vital ministries within the dynamics of our church, mid-week service, and Sunday worship opportunities. 

In May 2016 the historic, The People’s Church Of God In Christ, known as “Eighth Street Gospel Temple Church Of God In Christ” merged with the congregation of Christ Temple of Deliverance COGIC. The church name was changed to Christ Temple The People’s Church. Our anticipation of the future is bright with excitement. Under the courageous leadership of Bishop Destry C. Bell, Sr., as he follows the vision given to him by God, we are convinced that the Commission of Christ Temple The People’s Church Of God In Christ will be fully achieved in Missouri City, Houston, Texas and beyond.

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